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Xbmc not updating tv shows Troy missouri cam sex

By default, the Windows installer open the port automatically, but we’ve seen situations in which it didn’t.The easiest way to open the port is with a Power Shell command.Hi, I’ve been using drone for a few months now (Win7, x64).It was working well, but for the last few weeks I’ve noticed that it is not updating my XBMC library.Wouldn’t it be nice, though, if your bedroom Kodi box knew what you watched in the living room, and vice-versa? The core of the synchronization magic we’re about to undertake is a My SQL database. It does require a little technical know-how, but we’re here to guide you every step of the way.

Thanks (I have it set to update 2 XBMC hosts) WR3c Ok, I will give it a try.I’ve turned passwords off, and it still doesn’t work.A manual update of XBMC picks up the shows right away. Here are my connect settings: This is my debug log for life story 1x05.In order for Kodi to communicate effectively across your home network, we need to instruct it to use an external My SQL database.Before we get to that step, however, you’ll need to make an executive decision: you can either back up your current library and restore it later (which can sometimes be finicky), or you can start fresh with a new library (which is easy but will require you to re-set the watched state on your shows, and possibly re-choose your artwork if you don’t store it locally).We have one final task before going to configure Kodi.Make sure that Port 3306 (the My SQL server port) is open on the firewall of the machine you’ve installed My SQL onto.For this tutorial, we’ll be installing My SQL on a media server running Windows 10.Our installation instructions should match for any version of Windows.What we’re going to do is install a free version of My SQL server, then instruct all your Kodi machines to use a database on that server as its library (instead of a separate database on each individual computer).From that point forward, when Kodi checks to see if you’ve seen a specific TV show episode or movie, paused media, or set a bookmark, it won’t just be answering for the specific media center you’re standing in front of, but for all media centers in the house.


  1. Now that the new quality priority options are in place, I have been testing updating some of my shows and even though I have the options turned on the "Clean Library After Update" is not happening.

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