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There is a special release of Ubuntu called Ubuntu EEE that is customized with all the special drivers needed for the Eee PC.However, it uses the tabbed Netbook Remix interface (what's with all these kids and their damned tabs nowadays?! BTW - if you are in Xandros and need a command-line X terminal, press CTRL-ALT-T to get an xterm.This page describes how to install Ubuntu v8.04 on an ASUS Eee PC 1000HD, an inexpensive, highly portable subnotebook/netbook computer manufactured by Pegatron Technology, a manufacturing entity spun off by Asustek in 2007.The first models were introduced in 2007 in response to the One-laptop-per-child XO-1 and featured limited RAM and a solid state hard drive.If it's already a Linux PC, so much the better, although it can be a Windoze machine that you reboot with the Ubuntu live CD.Download: the current Ubuntu release CD image ISO from

It is not present on the live CD, but can be installed from the internet repository. If you want to know all the steps, read the script or see the Ubuntu community installation page.

Because the Eee PC does not have a CD-ROM drive and Ubuntu (as of this writing) only comes as a live CD image, you will need to create a bootable flash drive to install Ubuntu on the Eee PC.

While the process is not as trivial as doing a dd of the image to the flash drive (and I did try), it is fairly straightforward if you have access to a PC with a CD drive and fast Internet connection.

You will be guided through a set of configuration screens: Prepare Disk Space: I chose the "Guided - Manual" option so I could have /home on a separate partition.

This adds security and recoverability by segregating the system files from the user files and also makes future system upgrades easier.


  1. This website is just a collection of all the information we gathered in this thread to tweak ubuntu for our eee pc. mplayer but the. it with updating.

  2. Apr 27, 2018 Lubuntu is targeted at PC and laptop users running on low-spec. Lubuntu is recognized as a member the Ubuntu family by the. Gnome-mplayer Video.

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  4. With MPlayer and SMPlayer using VDPAU 720p. Updating the Bios to 0401 makes it a. Asus Eee Pc 1005hab Specs It's recommended to download module for kernel.

  5. THE ASUS Eee 701 PC AND OTHER SMALL. It is based on the MPlayer. If the software is updating an older version of an application the older version does.

  6. How to install linux on asus eee pc 701. If you already have mplayer installed. so I re-examined the issues involved in updating the EEEPC and installed.

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