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Updating firmware on western digital hard drives

While there’s a big difference between the technology used in traditional hard drives and SSDs, both have a limited lifespan, and this is why warranties are relatively short - typically two or three years.

What’s important is that you have a well-thought-out backup process and you don’t rely on any single drive to store precious files.

Compare this with the older drives using USB 2.0, which would limit speeds to around 35MB/s, or only one-third the speed.

So in real terms, your 100GB of media files would take close to an hour to transfer with USB 2.0, or under 20 minutes using USB 3.0.

If you’re likely to be storing or backing up many small files, be aware that overall performance will plummet since hard disks tend to choke on smaller files.

So while large files may zip across at 100MB/s, the smallest will likely travel at less than 1MB/s, or one hundredth that speed.

The VCD can be re-enabled at any time you want to enable the Drive Lock function. Western Digital technical support only provides jumper configuration (for internal hard drive) and physical installation support for hard drives used in systems running the Linux/Unix operating systems.

This answer explains how to disable/hide the WD Smart Ware VCD on a My Book or My Passport drive using either Windows or Mac OSX.

Please note that this is different from uninstalling the WD Smart Ware software from the computer.*END On your My Passport or My Book hard drive is a small portion of drive space which has been used to create a Virtual CD (VCD) which appears on your computer as an actual CD volume.

Another popular application of portable storage is for keeping critical backups of your data held on a PC or laptop.

You may be able to keep a perfect clone of your entire computer’s internal drive, on standby and ready in the event that the computer is lost or its drive should malfunction.


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