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There now exists a grey bar linking BC to other FS resources, including alternative language boards.

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Free Spirits grew directly out of it, and the goals of "security, legality, and usability" guide the internal policies of each Free Spirits resource.

After several suspected fake boys began to take up a large portion of Boy Chat's resources in 1996, Sean007, then webmaster, created a board for boy participation called Chat Haven.

It was the first auxiliary board of Boy Chat, turning it from a single board into a community of boards.

The title of the board is a play on the name You Can't Do That On Television, the 1980's television series broadcast on the cable channel Nickelodeon.

In late 2001 flame and off-topic threads were starting to dominate the Boy Chat main index.


  1. BoyChat or BC is the. opened MetaBoyChat in order to free BoyChat from administrative debate and to. 2002 OtherChat was born as a place for discussing "hot.

  2. Cowboy Chat City gives city slickers the chance to meet real cowboys and get a taste of the country lifestyle! Connect with real cowboys for real chatting fun today. Cowboy Chat City

  3. A web-based bulletin board for boylovers. BoyChat provides support, discussion and fun. It is the most successful forum for boylovers on the Internet.

  4. Rex admired her sexy, sweaty naked back as she sat there pulling her panties on. It was one of those counter-free banks, with a row of ATMs. Added 02 Sep.

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