Enfp dating

Deelname van bedrijven is vrijblijvend en alle klachten worden openbaar gemaakt.

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For years I’ve studied the various components to personality: how our minds learn new information, how they make decisions, how they grow, where they tend to get “stuck” and how to find the “You Are Here Dot” – the exactly coordinates for where you are NOW.

When you look at a directory or map, the first thing you do is find the little red dot that indicates where you are at, even before you look for your destination. Because if you don’t know your starting point, it doesn’t matter where you’re trying to go – you have no reference point to get there.

I would love to recommend this program because Antonia gives you insights into where you’re at right now and, most importantly, she gives you the map for your continued journey.”– Frank Oknes When you buy Your Personality: The Owner’s Manual, you get 30 FULL DAYS to decide if it’s the right fit.

If for any reason you’re not happy with your purchase, let us know and we’ll make sure you get a full refund. “Genius Personality Test” and “Personality Hacker” are trademarks used by Personality Hacker LLC.


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