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Android widget textview not updating

For Edit Text that going be filled with RTL text, is there a way to change the gravity of the error drawable (and popup of course) ? When i set text to this Text View its content is spread in multiple lines as this is the default behaviour.

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Text View trying to figure out how Edit Text works.I've followed the approach given here: Adding navigation tabs The first problem: Eve... What is so special about Edittext that it can retain the value but not Textview and some other widgets and we have to use on Saved Instance() method for them. Can the Animation object, if it exists, be accessed? I've read the source code, but could find no clues, or maybe I'm too new?I was reading the source code of Text View and I met this code snippet: Rect F m Tmp Rect F = new Rect F(); float[] m Tmp Offset = new float[2]; Extracted Text Request m Extracting; final Extracted Text m Tmp Extracted = new Extracted Text(); So, there they define m Tmp Extracted as final, but not m Tmp Rect F. What is the magic behind Edit Text specially that it can retain the values? I'm a newbie in Android development, and I would just like to know a little bit about the Scroller widget (android.widget. I just wanted to do some operations after a Scroller finishes scrolling, something like m_scr...I wrote a little example to reproduce the problem: T... I need to add some logic when the user trying to paste some text into my Edit Text i know i can use Text Watcher but this entrypoint not good for me becuase i only need to intercept in case of paste and not every time the user press my Edit Text, What i did so far is a list view of textviews having the normal text and clickable spans: Clicking the span i'm opening the URL, clicking the item View around the text View leads to the list View On Item Click Listener navigating to the item details, that's fine: Now the problem is: touching the text View makes the normal text be kinda highlighted (with the same color it has when the item is... I'm trying to understand how to preserve fragment view state when fragments are used within navigation tabs.I'm doing a small research on design patterns in various platforms and I have prior experience in programming with Java. and MVC architecture in Android, I had an interesting question in mind: Why Java swing MVC can not be compared with Android development pattern? In my efforts, I've come across two problems that I cannot find any proper solutions to. Tab1's layout is defined by Fragment A and Tab2's layout is defined by Fragment B. When creating a custom view, I have noticed that many people seem to do it like this: public My View(Context context) public My View(Context context, Attribute Set attrs) { super(context, attrs); // this constructor used when creating view through XML do Additional Constructo...In Android API 10 the message is displayed in a lot of lines and it's unreadable. I attach screenshots to illustrate the problem at the end of the question.How I can display the error messages in a appropriate mode?I cant figure out how the editing mechanism works, the string is saved in m Text, when a users clicks somewhere on the view it knows where in the string it is (cursor position) and then inserts/removes text at that positio...My goal is to have an Edit Text that has no fancy features, just the Text Selection Handler for moving the cursor more easily -- so no context menus or pop-ups.On Long Click Listener m On Long Click Listener = new On Long...I would like to have a Text View that is both selectable and linkified.


  1. Like setTextCharSequence, android.widget. TextView. BufferType, except that the cursor position if any is retained in the new text. Called by a parent to request that a child update its values for mScrollX and mScrollY if necessary.

  2. MainActivity import Activity; import android.content. Intent; import Bundle; import Handler; import View; import android.widget. Button; import android.widget. TextView

  3. The TextView seems to update once at the beginning of the program, but otherwise stays the same.import Activity; import Bundle; import Handler; import android.widget. TextView

  4. TextView Text Not Updating. package com.multithreading; import Activity; import Bundle; import Handler; import View; import android.widget. Button; import android.widget. TextView; public class MultithreadingTest extends.

  5. Import Bundle; import Activity; import android.graphics. Color; import View; import android.widget. TextView; import android.widget. ToastNewsletter. 190,334 insiders are already enjoying weekly updates and complimentary whitepapers!

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